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Homeowners insurance doesn't just protect the physical materials that make up your home. It protects your way of life and the memories you have yet to make...the things that can't be measured by worth. Something so important deserves personalized protection. Let our expert representatives help you find the right coverage for the right price.

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Your policy could include coverage for:

  • Expenses for cleanup and repairs needed due to water and sewage backup
  • Home and permanent structures and personal property
  • Bodily injury and property damage sustained by others for whom you are legally responsible
  • Jewelry that is lost, stolen, or damaged
  • The cost of staying in a hotel while your home is being repaired
  • The cost of rebuilding your house, even if the cost to rebuild is more than what your home was originally valued at


  • You may qualify for additional savings if your home includes a central alarm system, smoke detectors, fire extinguisher, dead bolt locks, or a backup generator. You can also save if you're a non-smoker or you bundle insurance.

Possible policy features extend beyond the above list. Work with a representative to find the coverage that's right for you.

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