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You help protect your clients. Let us help protect you. Our Lawyers Professional Liability Insurance provides financial support if an alleged error or omission results in a lawsuit. So you can spend more time doing the work you love and less time worrying about the impact of potential claims.


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Coverage Benefits

We have over 65 years in the professional liability arena and we insure over 150,000 of your peers in the legal field. Here are just a few of our coverage highlights:

Coverage for arbitrator, mediator title agent, notary public, expert witness, author/publisher/presenter of legal research, and administrator, conservator, executor, trustee, or guardian with fiduciary responsibilities

Coverage for the firm, predecessor firm, and attorneys within the firm, including lawful spouse or domestic partners, of counsel and independent contractors, and attorneys employed as government affairs advisors or lobbyists

Specific payments to the insured to help cover the costs of expenses related to:

  • Loss of earnings due to attendance at a trial, hearing, or arbitration
  • Attorney fees and court costs incurred by responding to a regulatory investigation of a privacy breach or disciplinary proceeding
  • Reasonable costs and fees incurred from a public relations response to a crisis event

Coverage for claims alleging a security breach or virus in a client's network

Qualified legal services assistance with production of documents and preparation of testimony

Qualifying deductible reductions (up to 50% with a maximum limit) for using an engagement letter in connection with legal services subject to a claim or mediation of a claim without arbitration proceeding or resolution within 60 days of service of the suit

Our PLUS protection includes a whole lot more.

PLUS coverage comes with nationally recognized risk management materials, seminars, and legal hotlines. You can even earn up to a 7.5% premium discount by completing risk management seminars.*

Take a look at some of our policyholder benefits.


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*Receive CLE credit and earn up to an additional 7.5% premium credit by completing online on-demand risk management courses. All risk management programs must be completed by the policy expiration date to be eligible for a premium credit. All attorneys covered under the policy must have attended a risk management seminar in the past two years to be eligible for the full premium credit discount. Partial premium credit discounts are prorated based on the number of attorneys who attend. CLE credit is not available in all jurisdictions.

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Add these endorsements to your policy for comprehensive protection.

Claims expenses outside the limits

Coverage to ensure the cost of defending your case will not reduce the policy limits available to pay court-awarded damages

First dollar defense

Relieves you from any legal defense costs, particularly in the event of a frivolous claim or one you are ultimately not held liable for

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