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Protecting your career from everyday mistakes.

One slip up is all it'd take for an unhappy client to take you to court. But you don't have to be the victim. Professional liability insurance will help protect your business from the long list of losses a lawsuit can cause. So stop looking over your shoulder—we have your back!

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Welcome MECPA Members

Our accountant's professional liability program is underwritten by an AM Best, A+ (Superior)-rated carrier and is offered nationwide (except for HI, AK, FL, LA, NJ, WV, and WA).

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Coverage Highlights:

  • Up to $5,000 in coverage for employee theft or destruction of money, property, or securities (like tokens or tickets)
  • Up to $600 per day to help cover earnings lost while attending a trial, hearing, or arbitration proceeding
  • Expenses you've incurred while responding to reputation-damaging information shared in print or online, including on social media
  • Up to $5,000 for fees you paid to help prevent, investigate, or recover the loss of confidential data stored electronically


  • You can take advantage of our exclusive equity plus endorsement*, which incudes coverage for moonlighting for tax preparation services
  • We'll never settle a claim without your consent, and if you disagree with a settlement recommendation and decide to go to court, we'll still help cover your litigation costs
  • Add IRS code 7216* endorsement, which covers expenses incurred defending disclosure claims under tax preparation code



Policy terms and conditions may apply.

*Equity Plus Preferred Endorsement is only available in AL, ME, OH, SC, TX, and WI for equity partners who are members of the ASCPA, MESCPA, OSCPA, SCACPA, TXCPA, or WICPA.

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