Professional Liability

Protecting your career from everyday mistakes.

One slip up is all it'd take for an unhappy client to take you to court. But you don't have to be the victim. Professional liability insurance will help protect your business from the long list of losses a lawsuit can cause. So stop looking over your shoulder—we have your back!

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Coverage Benefits

Through our network of preferred carrier partners, we can offer you extensive coverage benefits including, but not limited to, those listed below. The scope of coverage benefits varies depending on location and may not be available in all states. But we will work to provide you with the best coverage available.

Coverage Highlights:

  • Up to $600 per day to help cover earnings lost while attending a trial, hearing, or arbitration proceeding
  • Protects innocent accountants from losing coverage when another accountant at the firm commits a wrongful act
  • Coverage for wrongful acts made while serving as a director or officer of a not-for-profit organization


  • Under certain conditions, your deductible could be as low as $500
  • You'll receive access to a hotline which will guide you through the claims process
  • Under certain conditions, we'll reduce or completely waive the deductible applicable to your specific claim
  • Upon termination of the policy, you will have the option to purchase individual extended reporting period coverage



Policy terms and conditions may apply, and you may be subject to underwriting.

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