The Pearl Story

A Vision Turned Reality

The year was 1954.

Our founder, Jack Pearl, had recently graduated from Bradley University in Peoria, Illinois. He dreamt of building an organization that could make a difference for people when they needed it most. Before long, he decided selling insurance could transform his vision into reality.

In the early days, the company only consisted of Jack and one part-time office assistant. They worked out of a small room in a First National Bank building in Peoria. But over time, thanks to some good old-fashioned grit and ingenuity, Jack transformed the company from its humble beginnings into what Pearl is today.

One of Jack's most creative and successful marketing initiatives took place each winter. He would drive his truck down country roads and put a flyer with his face on it in every mailbox he passed. Then, after the season's first big snow, he'd retrace his route and knock on the door of each farmhouse he'd visited. The good-hearted people would usually invite him in out of the cold and say, "You look familiar."

This method of advertising interjected a human element that prospects found irresistible, allowing Jack to build genuine relationships with folks who would eventually become loyal customers.

A Strategic Partnership

To this day, every decision we make stems from our desire to maintain this personal touch, from the products we offer to the companies we work with. That's why teaming up with Carroll Holdings Inc. to form Pearl Carroll & Associates in 2005 was a no-brainer.

Carroll Holdings and its predecessor firms, including Ter Busch & Powell, Jardine Insurance Brokers, and Jardine Group Services, got its start in New York in 1939, when they introduced one of the first term life member insurance programs to their client, the Civil Service Employees Association (CSEA).

Eighty years later, this relationship with CSEA remains intact. What's more, CSEA's membership program has expanded to include life, health, and personal insurance products, all with the convenience of premium collection through payroll deduction.

This strong relationship with CSEA is a big reason why Pearl Insurance formed a partnership with Carroll Holdings, Inc. to form Pearl Carroll & Associates. Clearly, this was a company who believed what we believe.

In 2018, we took our partnership one step further when Pearl Carroll & Associates changed its name to Pearl Insurance. Now operating under one, unified name, we can continue to expand upon our commitment to bringing a personal touch to the insurance industry.

We're blessed to have so many rich chapters in our company's history, but we firmly believe our best stories are yet to be told.

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