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4 Devastating Accounting Disasters

Posted on 8/2/2016 by Pearl Insurance in accountants professional liability insurance

When you cook the books, you pay the price.

The word disaster often brings forces of nature to mind: hurricanes assaulting coastal cities, tornadoes wreaking havoc across the Midwest, and earthquakes shaking foundations of skyscrapers. The truth is, humans create plenty of damage on their own.

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CPAs and Cybersecurity

Posted on 4/6/2016 by Pearl Insurance in accountants professional liability

Cybercriminals are always hunting for identity theft victims. It is becoming increasingly important for you to take proactive measures to protect your clients' personal and financial information. It doesn't matter if you work by yourself or for a large accounting firm—digital security risks are a growing concern for everyone in the accounting profession. Those who don't address these concerns are putting themselves and their businesses at serious professional liability risk.

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What New CPAs Need to Understand About Professional Liability Insurance

Posted on 3/3/2016 by Pearl Insurance in accountants professional liability

As a CPA, your career will revolve around your clients' financial losses and gains. If you make any mistakes that cost your clients money, their response may cost you, too. In fact, clients may file claims even if you aren't responsible for any wrongdoing. Professional liability insurance is your best defense against the financial and professional consequences of legal claims.

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8 Professional Liability Pain Points for CPAs

Posted on 2/1/2016 by Pearl Insurance in accountants professional liability

For some, accounting may seem like a steady, predictable industry. However, smart CPAs know that there is a constant evolution of risks and changes occurring throughout the field. From information security to new laws and policies, it's important to stay on top of the trends in order to stay on top of the game. If you don't, you may be held accountable for professional liability claims.

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How CPA Firms Can Reduce Their Professional Liability Costs

Posted on 1/6/2016 by Pearl Insurance in accountants professional liability

Most CPAs who have been in business for ten or more years will have faced at least one professional lawsuit. While you may not be able to prevent legal claims altogether, your accounting firm should take measures to limit the risks and costs associated with professional liability.

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