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Pearl Insurance is here to serve you. Our stability and longevity in the marketplace separates us from others as we have been providing the industry’s leading insurance program for 60 years. We are uniquely qualified to provide unparalleled service through a combination of product and technology innovation, supported by sound program stewardship and outstanding customer service. Pearl Insurance provides extensive risk management resources including webinars, seminars, educational articles and newsletters, and customer support from our team of insurance specialists. We are constantly reviewing our plans to ensure we have the most comprehensive and competitively priced coverage available in the marketplace.

Why Pearl Is Different

Pearl understands the need for quality insurance solutions. We also understand that no two customers are alike. That's why we tailor our plans to fit your specific needs. Our world-class Customer Service is known in the industry and we're committed to providing only the best Professional Liability and Errors & Omissions Insurance in the market, and the highest-quality Risk Management library, tools, and other claims-reducing resources.

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Customer Service

Our Professional Liability Consultants are available to speak with you Monday through Friday, 8:00 am to 5:00 pm Central Time. Please feel free to call to speak directly with them to ask questions about our professional liability coverage, specific details on your policy, updates to our risk management resources, information on our carriers, and more!

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Risk Management

From real estate agents and brokers to lawyers, accountants and engineers, plus a variety of other professionals, the chance you will have to deal with unhappy clients is always there. One small misunderstanding or error in your files can land you in the middle of a claim allegation and cost you thousands of dollars in defense and settlement fees.

Pearl Insurance strives to help professionals reduce their claim exposures, no matter where their career takes them. We offer our customers indispensable risk management materials such as newsletters and articles (if available), seminars and webinars (if applicable) with tips designed to help you avoid lawsuits, helplines staffed by knowledgeable risk control consultants, and more!

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